GBrowse is an open-source, genome annotation viewer.

    Basic Usage

    To find particular region of the chromosome, type a gene name, a short sequence (minimum of 15 bp), or a nucleotide range in the Landmark or Region box located near the top left of the page and click on the Search button. The area shown in the Details panel is highlighted by a box. You can grab the box and slide it left or right within limits (it can’t slide over the whole genome). Once you get to a particular location, you can fine-tune the view with the Scroll/Zoom buttons to move along the chromosome or change magnification.


    GBrowse uses in house annotation data and data from Phytozome and Plaza.


    PlantGenIE GBrowse uses customized version of Generic Genome Browser version 2.49. We use dedicated GBrowse servers for each of our PlantGenIE resources.

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